Shipping containers conversions are becoming popular for dwelling spaces. The issue with using shipping containers as a dwelling is that they develop condsensation against the steel which can cause mould and rust.

Polyurethane spray foam offers a solution to the issue of condensation and corrosion by providing an air tight barrier between the steel and the wall cavity. This creates a drier and warmer container-home than would otherwise not be possible with conventional insulation materials, which allow watervapour to condense on the steel.

If conventional insulation such as polystyrene panels or fibreglass is used the still allow the warm moist air inside the container to find it way to the outer steel and condense.

Polyurethane sprayfoam is the only viable solution to this issue.

If you are planning a container conversion please contact us as we can provide you with some useful advice for how to go about effectively insulating and lining your container. 

We can also put you in contact with professional container converting companies which could also assist you in the correct conversion of your container.